Streamline Your Deal Flow


Outpost captures all of your deal flow regardless of where it originated. Email, social, web forms etc, we grab it and wrangle it.


Our standard deal flow format and key product features like trigger effects, calendar integration, and conference room all work together to make sifting through deal flow a breeze.


Never lose sight of where you're at in deal flow. We provide analysis on macro trends, deal flow demographics, portfolio company updates and much more.

Mobile First

That's right, with Outpost you can
manage your deal flow from the palm
of your hand.


Keep track of your deal flow funnel

  • Geography: Where it comes from
  • Types: Stages, verticals, amount raised
  • Time: Month by month overview


Deal Folder

Every deal in your deal flow is given its own folder
location to store everything you need.

  • Files

    Deck, docks, due diligence, everything is
    stored in the company's folder.

  • Chat

    Keep relevant comms attached to each deal.
    No more hunting on slack, text or email.

  • News, Notes, & History

    Take notes, read company news, and track
    history with every company.

Conference Room

Schedule meetings, chat with founders, and view
company documents including data rooms,
videos, website links, and more.

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