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For Investors

your deal flow

Quickly and confidentially get all the key information you need about a startup such as their vertical, stage, amount being raised and much more.
Our standard deal flow format and key product features like trigger effects, calendar integration, and automated introductions all work together to make sifting through deal flow a breeze.
Never lose sight of where you're at. We provide analysis on macro trends, deal flow demographics, and portfolio company updates among many other variables.
For Investors

Swipe Your
Way to a Deal

Discover and receive deals that fit your thesis.
With Outpost it's the cleanest way to choose
startups you want to talk to.

Startups on Outpost Have
Been Through a Variety
of Top Accelerators

See What Matters

An Outpost is a seven slide deck that includes only the
stuff you need to see to decide whether you'll want to talk.

Deal Flow on Your Terms

Choose the startups
you want to talk to
Based on your investment thesis, regions, verticals and more, talk to the startups you want to.
Be in the "know"
Discover the hottest startups that everyone is talking to or find the hidden gem earlier than everyone else.
Customized to meet
your fund structure
Seamlessly create trigger effects, filters and customized introductions.